1. Membership of the Chaurasia Professionals Foundation is bound by the rules and regulations embedded in its bylaws – the Memorandum of Association.

2. Membership & Category of members:-

(i) Eligibility & Conditions for membership :-

(a) One must be a citizen of India.
(b) He/She should complete the age of 18 years.
(b) He/She should complete the age of 18 years.
(d) One must not be convicted by any court of India.
(e) One should belong to Chaurasia Community (Barai, Tamboli, Nagwanshi etc. casts) or others.
(f) The member shall agree with the aims and objects of the society and fulfill the terms and conditions of the society.
(g) The Executive Body (Governing Body) is fully authorized either to offer or reject the membership. If the membership is refused to a person or persons, the same shall be communicated to the person concerned.

(ii) Category of membership:-

(a) General members- A person who is a professional belonging to any reputed field like Medical, Engineering, Law, Chartered Accountants, Journalism, Sports, Culture, Business, Management, Senior IT professionals, Academicians/Teachers with higher achievements etc. He/She will have right to cast vote in general election of the society.
(b) Life - members- Any member may be a life-member if he/she pays directly or at any time later the life-membership fee decided by the Executive Body.
(c) Honorary members- A person with outstandinding acheivement in any respectable/noble field; to be decided and awarded by the Executive Body (Governing Body).
All the decision for the membership shall be the sole discretion of the Executive Body.

(iii) Awarding Membership:-

The rule, sub-rule and regulations for awarding new membership and for expulsion/cancellation of membership shall be framed by the Executive Body under the provisions of the constitution of the society.

3. Membership Subscriptions (fees):-

(i) General Membership - shall be awarded on payment of Rs.1000/- (Rs. One thousand only) at the time of entry and shall be valid for one year; and thereafter Rs. 500/- (Rs. Five hundred only) annually (on or before expiry of the one year period). To be amended time-to-time by the Executive Body.

(ii) Life – Membership – will be awarded on payment of Rs.10000/- (Rs. Ten thousand only) directly at the time of entry. Any already existing General Member may also get this membership by paying this amount any time later-on if he wants so.
Life – Membership fee also to be amended time-to-time by the Executive Body.

4. Termination of Membership :-

The governing body shall have the power to cancel/expel/terminate a member of the above society on the following terms & Conditions-
(i) On his/her death.
(ii) On non-payment of annual subscription by any General Member continuously for two years from the due date. (Member may be re-included on payment of all previous dues).

(iii) On his/her resignation.
(iv) If found to be involved in any anti-social activities, or if found to be involved in any anti –national activities or if he/she don’t obey the rule and regulation of the society or if he/she found to be guilty and convicted by any court in India.

(v) Violating the rule and regulation of the society; and if acts against the aims and objects of the society.

The reason/s of termination or inclusion of the membership shall be communicated to the member concerned by letter/e-mail/SMS/social media group (like whatsapp etc. in use by the group).

Membership Fee Payment

For becoming a member one needs to fill the membership form with all the mentioned details. After that the governing body will decide whether the membership can be granted or not.
The individuals will be notified about their status on the email.
After getting the approval the individuals are requested to submit the membership fee. The fee needs to be submitted in the following account.

Apply for Membership